About RadiantSkin RN


Heather Nakamura RN BSN

As my business name suggests, I am an Aesthetic Nurse who loves to help my clients achieve radiant skin & lashes! I know from experience when my skin has acne, dehydrated, or a dull appearance it impacts my mood. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does. I believe our joy, happiness and self esteem on a deeper level stem from doing good “esteem-able” activities or actions, however our confidence and self image often depend on how we see ourselves from the outside. 

My goal is to offer skincare services to my clients that help make them feel better about their skin and lashes.

I earned my RN-BSN degree from Colorado Christian University and trained with Dr. Raval, a top-rated plastic surgeon in Denver. I provide compassionate care, empathy, and perform my services with integrity. I want my clients to be happy and achieve beautiful results. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and I will tailor my services to make you feel beautiful.

See you at my office!

1317 Washington Ave
Golden, CO
(720) 236-7541